Roofing Contractor Services in Shreveport, LA, Minden, LA or Marshall, TX

Your roof stands between you and the weather-Make sure it's doing its job

ML Raab & Sons provides a comprehensive list of roofing services to Shreveport, LA, Minden, LA or Marshall, TX, and all surrounding areas. Keep your roof in excellent shape, and everything beneath it will be protected even through the harshest Shreveport weather. Our roofing contractors help you do everything necessary to ensure that your roof stands the test of time.

Our roofing contractor services include:


If your roof is failing and it’s time to get a new one! Reroofing is the process of layering one set of new shingles over a set of existing shingles.

-Flat roof installation

Flat roofs typically take a pounding from harsh weather, contact ML Raab & Sons to ensure your roof is installed properly. 

-Roof repair

We know trouble can strike at any given time, but just because your roof springs a leak does not mean it is time to panic. Contact us to repair your roof!

-Shingle installation

The majority of homes across the country are topped with shingles, they make for easy install and easier repair if necessary down the road. 

-New roof installation

When you decide roof installation is the right move for your home, ML Raab & Sons will get right to work on making that a reality.

-Roof inspections

All roofs eventually wear down over time, which is why a regular roof inspection is essential to ensuring the quality of your roof. 

All of our roofing services are completed with hand nailing-no staples.

Contact our Shreveport, LA, Minden, LA or Marshall, TX, roofing contractors today to get a free estimate for the work you need completed